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Window Maintenance Tips For The Fall

With the summer in your rearview mirror, ensuring your windows are ready for the chillier fall weather can make a significant difference in your home’s energy efficiency. Identifying where your window systems can improve, either through replacements or in a more dedicated maintenance routine, can extend the lifespan of your windows and help increase your overall curb appeal. These essential fall maintenance tips can help your home before the winter cold comes through your Bucks County neighborhood! 

Check Your Windows For Leaks

One essential fall tip for window maintenance revolves around ensuring your home’s energy efficiency is at its peak. Your windows help retain heat within your home as your heating system runs through the fall and winter months. However, if your windows have leaks or poor seals, the heat has a greater chance of escaping and driving up your heating bill as time goes on. 

An experienced window installer can give you a professional opinion on your windows for potential leaks. They can help locate worn seals, warped wood, and other signs of structural degradation. An experienced team can help with installing replacement windows if it comes to that for your home. 

Did You Remember Your Storm Windows? 

Some Fairless Hills homeowners will take out their storm windows during the summer months to help improve overall airflow throughout their home. However, to properly maintain windows all year round, you need to remember to clean and insert your storm windows back into place during the fall. 

Clean The Window Sills And Tracks

Part of your cleaning regimen should involve areas that see much wear and tear, but you may not think about it frequently — your window sills and window tracks. These areas help keep your windows opening and closing properly while maintaining a proper seal. No matter the type of window you have installed, maintaining the sills and tracks clean and free of debris will help keep your windows fully functional. 

Do You Have Seasonal Blinds?

Whether you have window blinds or other window coverings installed, different materials work better at different times of the year. If you have utilized lighter blinds for the summer, your overall heating efficiency will most likely suffer as the weather becomes cooler. Replacing these with heavier and insulated blinds for the fall and winter can help improve heat retention and potentially lead to significant reductions in your heating bill this winter. 

Replace Weather Stripping Where Needed

Window maintenance revolves around ensuring that your older windows aren’t completely ruining your heating bills. Older and rotting windows have a higher chance of leaking cold air in the summer and warmer air in the fall. Ensuring that your windows have properly attached and installed weather stripping can help improve your heating bill this fall. 

Window Maintenance And Replacement Made Easy!

Homeowners looking to take their fall window maintenance to the next level want to find the best house siding repair and window installers on the market. KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC, has the experience to help! Contact our team to get your free quote today!