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Why You Should Have a Professional Repair a Hole in Your Roof

Having a hole in your roof is a situation no one wants to find themselves in. If not fixed promptly and correctly, you could start to see water damage on your drywall or an infestation of insects or animals. If you have experience with home improvement or roof repair, it may be easier for you to fix yourself. However, for Bucks County homeowners who have no knowledge of roof maintenance, it is best to contact your local trusted roofing contractor to help resolve any issues.

Common Reasons For Holes to Form 

There are several reasons why a hole can appear in your roofing. Depending on weather conditions or the wear and tear your roof encounters, holes can open at any time. Here are the most common reasons you will see damage on your roof:

  • Roof penetration: Vents and chimneys are examples of roof penetrations. If they are not sealed property, small holes will begin to form, eventually leading to bigger openings.
  • Weather exposure: If you have metal roofing, you can start to develop rust holes. Rust holes form due to different weather conditions and the natural passage of time.
  • Damaged shingles: If you don’t know where the hole came from, check your shingles. If they appear cracked or missing, this is a significant sign that holes are now forming because of the damage.
  • Poor Roof Repair: If you had your roofing looked at by an amateur or non-professional, they could have made the damage worse, especially if they did not know how to walk around correctly on your roof.

How a Professional Can Help

Getting your roof repaired shouldn’t be a stressful process. When you hire a certified roofing professional, you can have peace of mind that everything will be fixed accordingly. Additionally, if you fix minor issues before significant damage occurs, you won’t need a complete roof replacement, saving you money in the process. 

The following are a few of the measures you can expect during a reliable roof repair service:

  • Determine the hole’s location: Your roofer will find the hole and make sure there are no roof leaks before continuing further. 
  • Remove shingles: Old shingles will have to be removed and replaced to find any significant water damage. Depending on what your roofer finds, this process could lead to a whole row of shingles that needs to be replaced.
  • Cut out damaged plywood: Your contractor will cut out any damaged plywood and replace it with a new piece. Afterward, they will spread roof cement across the new piece to keep it in place as tar paper will be nailed over the patch.
  • New shingles: New roof shingles will be nailed into the new plywood. To prevent a leaky roof, cement gets added to the roofing nails to seal them down. After this step, your roofing will look as good as new!

These are just some basic steps of what you could expect. It is important to remember that all repair situations are different, and some roofs may need more work done than others.

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