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Why Summer Is The Best Time to Install New Siding

If you’ve been looking for a siding installation company in Bucks County to help spruce up your home’s curb appeal, you’re not alone. Most people try to get new siding installed during the summer months because summertime offers many benefits to homeowners who want their investment to pay off.

Here are just a few reasons why replacing your siding in the summer is ideal:

It Allows for Better Planning

One of the most significant issues any contractor faces when installing siding is making sure that the measurements are accurate. Materials often expand or contract depending on how severe the temperature is in their neck of the woods. Thus, it’s harder to plan siding installations effectively when it’s too hot or frigid because the materials will either contract or expand when the temperatures shift.

While the best time for siding installation would be early or late summer – when the temperatures are a little cooler – sometimes it might not work with your schedule. The good news is that a skilled contractor will often know how to account for the contraction that will occur when the winter comes and can help mitigate any potential issues with careful planning.

It’s the Best Time to Keep a Project On Schedule

Installing siding in the winter comes with a variety of issues. The weather could be too cold to work, snow or sleet could slow down a project, or materials can get damaged in the installation process, further slowing down the time it takes to complete the project. 

Take vinyl, for example. It’s one of the most popular materials people choose for their siding because it’s cost-effective and looks great. In cold conditions, however, it can become brittle, leading to cracking. Contractors don’t always carry extra material, so your siding project will be put on hold while the replacement siding is shipped.

It’ll Prepare Your Home for Winter

Installing new siding can help boost your home’s value through curb appeal, but it also has the benefit of improving your home’s overall energy efficiency, which will be a big help in the wintertime. New siding will help your home better retain heat, which can mean a lower bill when temperatures begin to drop.

In addition to the natural ability of the siding to retain heat, you can also install a house wrap when you’re replacing your siding, which will further increase your home’s energy efficiency.

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