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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Summer Weather

Summer’s almost here, and that means last-minute spring cleaning, scheduling vinyl siding repairs for your Fairless Hills home, and stocking up on the party necessities for summertime cookouts have suddenly jumped to the front of the priority list.

However, while you begin planning your summer vacation, it’s worth taking the time to consider home maintenance. Right now, while the summer hasn’t fully arrived yet, it’s a great time to take a few steps to get your home ready for the summer storms.

To keep your home in good shape for the summer, you should:

Inspect Your Roof

Before the season begins, it’s essential to take stock of your roof after the winter. Often, roof shingles and other materials can become damaged or dislodged during the winter months because of freezing and melting of water, snow, and debris that gets picked up in storms. Summertime can leave your home facing rain and wind storms that can lead to even more damage if repairs aren’t made, so it’s crucial to catch these issues when you just have to replace a few shingles and not the whole roof.

While making repairs to your roof, you should also clean out your gutters. As a drainage system for your roof, it’s important to have gutters that work, so once they’re cleaned out, you make repairs if necessary to keep them working optimally. Inspect the system in the rain and note where there might be leaks that need repair.

Look for Water Damage

Once you’ve taken a look for roofing materials that are out of order, it’s worth looking over your home for signs of water damage. Learn more by watching the following video:

Check the Seals on Windows and Doors

Finally, take the time to examine the caulking and rubber seals around the windows and doors. Although small, cracks in the caulking or damaged rubber can lead to poor retention of your home’s air and an increase in heat and humidity indoors. For that reason, it’s important to replace it before the summer gets into full swing.

If you want more tips to prepare your home for summer, or are interested in storm door installation services in Bucks County, give the KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC team a call today!