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The Most Popular Exterior Renovation Projects

Homeowners often take the summertime to make improvements to their homes that they’ve had their eye on all winter. Finding a siding installation company in Bucks County can often leave you scheduling an appointment weeks or even months out because the contractors might not be available. However, siding isn’t the only major undertaking that you can see as you walk around the neighborhood.

Thinking about getting some home renovations done? Here are some projects that homeowners regularly have done during the summer:

Sprucing Things Up

Traditionally, people think of “home renovations” as significant undertakings that require either a robust DIY streak, or a budget to hire a contractor, but there are easier ways to spruce up your yard during the summer months. You can “renovate” your exterior by:

  • Power washing the exterior
  • Pulling the weeds from the garden
  • Perform routine maintenance on their exterior
  • Adding fresh paint to fences and other parts of the property

While they don’t fall into the traditional conception of what a renovation entails, these little tasks often pay off in the long run to make your home feel more like a sanctuary for you to relax in.

Replace Windows and Doors

Besides cleaning up the garden to make it look nice, many people take the summer to invest in replacing their windows and doors. During the winter, caulking could wear away, cracks could appear, or the front door could become warped because of moisture. Summertime allows contractors to quickly replace parts of your home such as these, because they don’t need to worry about tracking snow or ice into your home, and you don’t need to worry about the energy bill.

In fact, many people choose to replace their doors and windows during the summer because it allows them to save money when the winter comes. Old windows and doors allow heat to seep out of your home and can lead to much higher energy bills during the winter months, which is why many homeowners take advantage of the warm weather to prevent it.

Give the Home a Face Lift

No one pays much attention to the home’s exterior during the winter — they’re too busy thinking about the hot cocoa inside — but when the summer arrives, they will take the opportunity to plan how they’d like their home to look with a little more thoughtfulness. They might install new landscape elements, or replace the roof. Plus, as noted previously, summer is the perfect time to replace the old and worn-out siding.

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