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Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing

Over time, siding starts to age, wear out, and – worst of all – leak. Not only does it put your home at risk for significant damages, but it can create a need for a pricey repair job if you wait too long. Here at KPI, Jr. Exteriors, LLC, we are committed to making sure your siding is keeping your home protected at all times, which is why we want to make sure homeowners across the Bucks County area and beyond are aware of the warning signs that their siding might need to be replaced. Read on to find out:

Increased Heating and Cooling Bills

If your utility bills are going up – and your neighbors’ utility bills are not – it is easy to push the blame onto a lack of insulation, but in reality it could be from bad siding. We recommend checking for any cracks, chips, or other signs of wear-and-tear in your siding if this is the case, and if you see any signs of this, contact KPI, Jr. Exteriors right away to get the siding professionally replaced.

Warping or Rotting

While you are checking for those signs of wear-and-tear in your siding, use a sharp object to poke beneath any areas that may appear to be warped, ensuring that the layer underneath is still intact. What you should be looking for is any soft areas or spots that are rotting, as this is a sign that your siding is no longer doing its job. Contact our team to schedule an appointment to have new siding put on and avoid internal rotting.

Loose Siding

The elements of winter can take a toll on your siding, especially with high winds and your house settling, among other causes. Even worse, your siding could come loose if the company you hired to install it didn’t take the proper steps. No matter what caused it, loose siding puts your home at risk, and requires the attention of a company that will take the proper steps to remedy the problem.

Mold, Mildew, or Fungus

Any damp-related growth such as mold, mildew, or fungus on the siding of your home means that it is not doing its proper job of keeping moisture out of your home. If you spot any of these organic growths on your siding, call our team to investigate further before the damage spreads to the foundations of your home and becomes expensive.

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