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Gutter Installation Services Available in Bucks County

Do you need new gutters? We can do that. Gutter guards? We do that too. Gutter cleaning? Yep, that too. No matter how substantial your gutter job might be, KPI, Jr. Exteriors in Fairless Hills does it all for residents of Bucks County and parts of New Jersey. When you turn to us, we make your next project our main point of business, assuring a skillful job with outstanding customer service.

Bucks County residents can turn to KPI, Jr. Exteriors’ gutter installation and replacement services when they feel their home needs an upgrade. We specialize in both traditional and seamless gutters and give you options for the style and materials you want to you use to keep your roof free of moisture and debris.

Why is it important to have gutters on my property?

As your clean out leaves and debris from your gutters, you might wonder what the purpose of having them for your home in the first place is. It’s not a requirement for Bucks County homes to have gutters, but they do help significantly keep your home protected from water damage. Homes without gutters are at a higher risk of flooding and erosion, especially if your house has a basement. If your house does not currently have gutters, it is never too late to utilize the gutter installation services offered by KPI, Jr. Exteriors.


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How do I know my gutters need attention?

Some of the warning signs might seem obvious, but gutter problems can sneak up on homeowners at any time. If you have noticed the following about your gutters, it might be time to call on the services of KPI, Jr. Exteriors.

  • Cracks or holes within the gutters
  • Pieces of the gutter are starting to separate
  • Any coatings of paint are starting to peel, chip, or crack
  • Loose or undone nails and screws
  • Plants are growing inside your gutters

Gutter Replacements

If your gutters are no good and need to be replaced, KPI, Jr. Exteriors’ gutter replacement services can help your Bucks County home. Whether your old gutters are overly rusted, cracked, or damaged beyond repair in any other capacity, we take care of them for you and set you up with a new gutter system that could work even better than your old one. If you are not ready to have your entire system undone, we can provide maintenance work on your gutters and restore them to their working conditions. However, if we find that there’s a substantial amount of damages to the point where repair isn’t worth it, we may recommend a full replacement of your gutters.

Our gutter installation and replacement services have been helping residents of not only Fairless Hills, but all of Bucks County and beyond, including parts of New Jersey. The contractors at KPI, Jr. Exteriors are highly trained in both traditional and seamless gutters and can identify any problems and pinpoint the right solution. If you believe your gutters need to be addressed, or you are in need of siding services or roofin services, call us today for a free estimate on your gutter maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you install gutters under the drip edge?

Gutters should be installed under the drip edge, which is the L-shaped metal nailed to the roof deck on its perimeter. Installing gutters under the drip edge is essential for gutters’ functionality, as it allows water to “drip” into them instead of hitting the side and dripping between it and the fascia. To ensure that water will roll off of the shingles and into the gutter, mount the gutter below the drip-edge flashing, with shingles extending ¾ inches past the drip edge’s top flange.