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Deck Installation Services in Bucks County, PA and New Jersey

No summer day is complete without time spent outside in your yard. Whether you are looking to grill up some food or lounge in the sun, the best place for it is out on your deck. If you don’t currently have one, or yours is unusable and needs to be fixed or replaced, KPI, Jr. Exteriors, headquartered in Fairless Hills, can help you out. Whether you need a new deck installation for your home or are looking for a deck replacement, we make sure your next project is our business.

Our contractors will do everything needed and then some to make sure your installation leaves you with a beautiful deck you can use for years to come. Bucks County residents have been relying on the work of KPI, Jr. Exteriors for years, and have always gotten the best quality of work in other jobs. Now, the team is expanding its services to include decks for backyards or upper levels of homes across the area.

Add Value to Your Home

Bucks County homes are made even more valuable with the addition of a deck! If you ever decide to sell your home, know that the presence of a deck can add thousands to your property value. KPI, Jr. Exteriors wants to see your home reach its full potential, and we are glad to make this happen by installing a deck onto your home and giving it an extra dimension of comfort, value, and livability.

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Deck Replacement Services

If you already have a deck, keeping up with it is vital to make sure it maintains its aesthetic value. In some cases, it may deteriorate either due to age or other natural factors, such as inclement weather. When this occurs, Bucks County residents should turn to KPI, Jr. Exteriors for a complete replacement of your old deck for a new one that will look even better than the original. We can take out your old deck and put in a new sturdy one that will look great in your yard!

Upper-Level Decks

Decks are not just for your backyard, as they can be used in many different contexts. If you have a multiple-level house, you might want to step outside from your bedroom or other upstairs living area and get some fresh air. KPI, Jr. Exteriors offers installation for upper-level decks, as well as traditional backyard decks, to Bucks County residents. We will make sure every specification for your upper-level deck is met during the installation process, so you have a comfortable outdoor space that adds a new level to your home’s appearance.

No matter where you are in the Bucks County area, the team at KPI, Jr. Exteriors can give your house the perfect deck to complement your home. Located in Fairless Hills, we are close enough to get to you whenever you need us and provide you with the best service possible. When you turn to KPI, Jr. Exteriors, you are not just upgrading your home, but your expectations as well. For a free estimate on a deck for your home, or for our siding services, door services, or window services, call us at 609-372-5543 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair a rotted wood deck?

When a wood deck starts to rot, it’s both an eyesore and a potential hazard from a structural perspective. If the rotting has only impacted a few boards, you can remove the nails and screws from these boards with a screwdriver or crowbar. This will allow you to inspect the joists under the boards and chisel away any rotted areas and reinforce discolored ones with putty. You will then want to apply sealer to the damaged joists and apply the new ones. At this point, you’re ready to get a new deck board ready. Use lumber that matches the rest of the deck, and after applying wood stain, use screws or nails to attach it to the joists.