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Door Maintenance Vs. Replacement — Which Is Right for You?

Home improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to install a brand new deck to your property, quality roofing in Fairless Hills, or updated siding, revamping your home’s overall aesthetic is something every homeowner thinks about. One area that could use your attention is your doors. Regular maintenance can help keep your home’s doors in excellent condition; however, there are times when maintenance won’t be enough. 

However, how do homeowners know when the time has come for them to consider door replacement instead of regular maintenance? What noticeable — and not so noticeable — signs can they watch for that can give them the necessary notice that they need new doors? Additionally, do they need the help of an experienced door service in Bucks County?

Assess the Damage to Your Doors

Whether you’re dealing with your exterior doors or an interior door, the first thing homeowners should figure out is how much damage the door has endured. Damage to your entry door can come in many forms, ranging from a broken door frame, broken hinges, or weather stripping that can affect the quality of your door. In many cases, you can perform some routine maintenance and repairs to these areas and get your door looking its best in no time. 

However, sometimes the damage to these parts is too severe and requires you to consider getting a total replacement to address the issue. More often than not, the part of the door that can most often be broken beyond repair is your door frame. If the frame shifts or warps too far in any direction, your lovely wood front door won’t close properly, leading to dips in energy efficiency and aesthetics. 

What’s Your Budget Look Like?

Your home improvement budget goes a long way in determining what kind of approach you can take with your wood doors. Weighing the new door installation costs versus the price of continuing to do routine maintenance goes a long way toward determining your next course of action. 

Generally speaking, installing garage doors, storm doors, or patio doors will have a different cost than repairing your current entry. Things like the parts, materials, and labor if you go the professional installation or repair route play an essential role in determining which option works best for your current budget. 

The Right Materials for the Job

While every door serves the same function, that doesn’t mean they use the same materials. The type of material your door is made out of directly affects the overall cost of the installation. Wood and fiberglass doors both help increase your home’s curb appeal. However, fiberglass often costs more than traditional wood to work with and install. 

Matching Your Home’s Overall Aesthetic

Giving your home a makeover doesn’t require drastic changes to color schemes, molding, or the like. Sometimes a simple change to your home’s doors can make a significant difference to your home’s curb appeal. 

If your doors don’t match your home’s intended vibe, making some simple adjustments and repairs can fix the issue. However, if some simple cosmetic changes aren’t enough, replace the door with a different style to redefine your aesthetic. 

Do You Have the Necessary Skills?

For many homeowners, the feeling of working with your hands is second to none. Taking on a project and building or installing something from the ground up instills a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t go away. However, before you try to repair or install a new door, you need to assess your skills honestly before starting. If you lack the skill and experience to give your door the care and attention it deserves, it can backfire. 

If you have made routine repairs to your doors in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to install a new door on your property. By taking a cautious approach and getting professional help from a trusted contractor — like KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC — you can rest assured knowing that your door is in the best hands. 

Get the Best Door Contractors for the Job

Whether your home needs maintenance on your existing doors or brand new ones installed, you need someone you trust to handle the project. With KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC, in your corner, you know your home gets the experienced professionals doing the work on time and budget. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!