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Can You Replace Siding in the Winter?

Home siding on a winter day.

Are you tired of coming home to a house with faded or damaged siding? Has your house become the neighborhood eyesore? Although it may not seem like it, replacing your home’s siding in the winter isn’t only possible; it may be the ideal time to get it done. 

If you are in need of new siding, KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC, can help you find a proper replacement and provide professional installation no matter the season. We offer many services, including fiber cement siding installation in Fairless Hills and the surrounding region. 

There are several benefits to replacing your siding during the cold winter months, some of which include:


Have you ever tried to book a contractor in the spring or summer? It is nearly impossible to schedule an appointment that works for you. You are at the mercy of the contractor and his ability to squeeze in your work between other jobs.

When scheduling work for the winter, you will find contractors have a lot more flexibility in their schedules. You should be able to get a time that suits you and your family, and possibly even an off-season discount!

Peace of Mind

There is no time like the present to get a project done. One of the great benefits of having your siding installed in the winter is the instant payoff. After the installation is completed, you will have peace of mind knowing that your house is appropriately insulated for the remainder of winter. Not only this, but homeowners will also be able to notice a drop in their utility bills as the season progresses, making winter a great time to get the immediate results of having your siding replaced.

Less Damage to Landscaping

During the spring and summer, an installation crew must worry about working around your landscaping. In contrast, during the winter months, plants are often dormant, and less attention is needed for their protection. This can speed up any exterior work being done to your home, as contractors can concentrate on the task at hand.

Increasing Curb Appeal

Increasing your curb appeal can be accomplished in any season; having your siding replaced in winter will beautify your home just in time for the holidays. Siding replacement will also add value to your home for many years to come.

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