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Can I Get A New Deck Installed Over the Winter?

Contractor building a deck

Decks often become the centerpiece of your outdoor gatherings. Your friends and family come over, you start grilling, and everyone comes together to have a good time. If you have wondered about installing a new deck in your backyard, you’ve probably thought about when the best time of year is to install your dream deck. 

While spring and summer are some of the prime guesses, waiting that long to get the new deck may complicate how much time you get to enjoy your new centerpiece. Scheduling issues can also become a problem when everyone is trying to schedule appointments and jobs in the warmer months. That’s why considering getting your new deck installed in the winter can prove your best course of action!

More Open Availability

One of the issues with scheduling deck contractors in Bucks County over the summer is their calendars fill up fast. With people lining up for the warmer months, you can take advantage of the slower “off-season” to get your deck finished. Most contractors have more flexibility during the winter to bring jobs and work around weather and schedules.

Save on Material Cost 

Most contractors will get the materials they need for their projects through wholesalers versus retail stores. Going through retailers means they get deals and better prices on their choices than if they went through a regular retail store. The winter is generally a slow time for wholesalers, so the opportunity for fairer prices on materials can be had for contractors working on your deck. 

Less Damage to the Wood

The high heat and long summer days can actually do a number on your freshly installed wooden deck. The summer heat can lead to the wood expanding and creating cracks and cases of wood warping. The winter features far less humidity than the summer and thus plays less havoc with the final product before all of the staining and installation is finished. 

For those looking to get a new deck installed this year before the summer, the winter gives you the best value and ample opportunity to install it before the high traffic grilling season starts. So if you’re looking for deck installers in the Fairless Hills area, contact KPI Jr. Exteriors, LLC and schedule your free quote today!