Can Hail Damage Affect Your Roof’s Durability?

Hail is a regular occurrence throughout the spring and summer. It’s easy to get numb to large-scale storms and the devastation they produce if you’ve lived in New Jersey for a while. Homeowners sometimes wait years before having a professional roofing contractor in Washington’s Crossing evaluate their hail damage. This is unsafe and can result in pricey roof repairs!

So, how does hail damage affect the lifespan of your roof?

The size of the hail and the sort of roof you have will determine the answer to this inquiry. To assist, we’ve described how hail damage can impact four different types of house roofs in Washington’s Crossing.

Asphalt Shingles

Hail as tiny as one inch in diameter has been found to damage asphalt shingle roofs, gutters, and automobiles. Hail damage cannot be visible from the ground, unlike missing shingles. This frequently provides people a false feeling of security, and many may believe their home was not harmed.

Impact of hail on an asphalt shingle roof

How does the lifespan of an asphalt roof change after being hit by hail? When hail hits a shingle, it removes the protective coating of granules. Underneath that protective covering is a waterproof mat that serves to keep water off your roof. However, this mat breaks down when exposed to sunlight, allowing water to penetrate your roofing system. Asphalt roofs damaged by hail will almost always need to be replaced.

Large hail storms may cause damage and shorten the life of any roof. Having a roofing contractor in Washington’s Crossing check on your roof regularly is the best way to avoid expensive repairs and keep your home safe.

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