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A Portion of KPI, Jr. Exteriors’ Proceeds Goes Toward Autism Awareness

The team at KPI, Jr. Exteriors is committed to putting our clients and service area at the forefront of our priorities, which includes giving back to the community. An issue that our team finds especially important is Autism Awareness, which is why we donate a portion of all of our proceeds towards Autism Awareness foundations in the area.

According to the CDC, approximately one out of every 59 children is on the autism spectrum. While a diagnosis can be made as early as age 2, most aren’t diagnosed until after age 4, and there is no real medical detection available for it. Out of those diagnosed, a third of them may be nonverbal, and two-thirds of children living with autism suffer from bullying. Once they reach adulthood, it is often harder for them to receive healthcare or find a paying job.

Autism comes with a variety of other health complications as well, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, and seizures. It is a genetic disease and is not caused by external factors such as vaccines.

While there is no cure for this disorder, treatment is available through speech and occupational therapy, as well as early intervention. Even so, autism still comes with a stigma that we at KPI, Jr. Exteriors look to put an end to. When you hire our contractors for a job, a percentage of your payment will be going towards foundations that aim to make life better for those living with autism.

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